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Free font: Gomawo

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After back home, sorting and editing travelling photos, I’ve already imagine how the font looks like for my cover album. I even already sketched it before I go there. And then something trigger my brain: Why I don’t make it as a font? Sounds fun!

Though a bit difficult to search and use font software (this is my first time), finally I make it. This is far from good, many improper leading and kerning, minimal glyphs, some odd shapes, but I’m so happy I can make it 🙂


‘Gomawo’ from South Korea means ‘thank you’. This typeface is not truly inspired from there, I’m just trying to make something geometrical and combine it with calligraphy brush.


You can download it for free (personal and commercial use) in here. I’ll be happy to receive any feedback, just comment or drop me message to ❤


One of Korean proverbs that sounds funny after the english translation