On my desk

Another unimportant post, another stress relieve 🙂photo

1. Tissue (of course): must-have item, more important than wallet or handphone.

2. Spiral notebook: random notes, workflow, sometimes diary, financial records, quotespiration, etc.

3. Sketch book from brother: he didn’t like those paper texture and give it to me. Yay! Last time I made set of lettering for headline of a beautiful article on my magazine 🙂 hopefully works.

photo (1)

4. The thickest pinky one is ‘Misteri Luar Biasa Aneh di Dunia’: borrowed from my friend. Last time I read about a science fiction writer who got kind of ‘illumination’, or maybe possessed by angel, that changed his life dramatically. Some people said it just an acute schizophrenia. No matter what it is, I believed there’s something exist in this world, even it can’t be explained logically.

5. Buku Kotak Kiky: err… notebook with tiny box pattern, long time ago I used it to make some lettering.

6. Elle Magazine July 2013: Several months ago I have plan to spend some money buying magazine for each month, to see what’s in now, layout case study, trend, anything to update my brain. Well, I forget it now.

7. Another sketch book from brother. Still virgin.

8. Another sketch book, I haven’t used it now.

9. The black one is ‘Ragam Huruf’: photocopy of some typefaces’ specimen I bought for Typography 1 on fresh year university life, 2007 (6 years ago).

10. I put it here as reminder, sadly it just like a bunch of trash: receipts from hospital worth about 6 millions IDR. I can go to somewhere with that money 😦 Maybe Korea? Or Raja Ampat?


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