First timer

credit typeface: Carolyna Pro Black

credit typeface: Carolyna Pro Black

I love people’s stupidities. Their craziness is my daily dose of humour. It doesn’t mean I’m that smart. Mostly what I’ve done is silly too, and I will say those are worthy to be remembered someday. So this time is my turn to entertain people with my idiocy.

Well, when was the last time you do something for the first time? I’ve learned that people in my age rarely do something new. They turn into phase I called robotic or money maker. Wake up, work, work, work, and work, then go to sleep. Just that and it happened 365 days every year. No wonder time flies, they just doing same thing over and over for the years.

As a gemini, I will be insanely crazy living in my routines for a long time. Fortunately, this month I got so many chances to break out from my daily ordinary life, trying many things for the first time, mostly ended with being tacky and silly. Here is the list:

First flight and doing something ultimately idiot. I went with my senior and almost rely anything on him. I was imitated him clicking seat belt and when the plane almost landing I have no idea how to release it (I wasn’t watch their demo haha). Before asking for help, I embarrassedly laugh for a while and then this craziness easily spread to him. I thought air crews would be nominated me as the most idiot passenger in universe for this.


Chinatown – Singapore

First time seeing Singapore, even though just a glimpse. I love walking on the street, seeing people, architecture, street sign, etc. It’s totally different from my hometown. I wish I can go back bringing my ollie, I want to shoot anything related to typography in many places.

First time sleeping in hotel, omg for heaven’s sake, how countrified (I even google this word) I am. I know, I need to travel more.

Maybe I'm the latest people in the century who got stunned with this technology

Maybe I’m the latest people in the century who got stunned with this technology

I’m getting addicted with hot shower, uncomfortably tasting tap water, awkwardly using water heater to make a cup of tea (and boiling water to drink too). I felt like being ice age creature on this place.

2 memorable things about food in Singapore: first time eating Subway (and it’s BLOODY YUMMY), first time eating lasagna (from Mediterranean / Middle Eastern restaurant that has different spice with my Indonesian tongue) FILLED in 18CM SAUCEPAN!! OMG!! (I wish I had photo for this *sigh)

Kuta - Bali

Kuta – Bali

First time seeing Bali, this is my second stop with parents. There are so many beautiful places yet so little time, so many abroad tourist that makes me feel like I’m not in Indonesia. I have to go back there for sure 🙂

First time having family trip, they are too busy making money for years, travelling is such a wasting time and money for them. If my brother who lives on Bali for 5 years didn’t buy those tickets (and I’m not that mad to their confusion about to go or not to go for bazillion times), I’m sure they won’t go. At least they have to see how their son lives in there.

can't take my eyes from you ~

can’t take my eyes from you ~

First time buying shoes that expensive, I know I’m too exaggerate. It’s about IDR 280k , and it’s true my most expensive shoes. Look at those, omg, I love them all.

So, I’m back to real life and officially broke now U_U


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