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Playing around with type and vector, still have to learn more.

Thinking about recording my daily routine in one day. That would be good and entertaining if I’ve done it long ago, a simple daily thing that can change from time to time, framing a story that I can’t touch anymore in future.

When in school, I was told to make activity schedule in one week. I’ve made it and few days later forgot all of that. Funny, my monotone life now forming the schedule itself without having noted and hanged on the wall.

07.15-07.30 : wake up from another world, recollecting spirit
07.30-08.00 : re identifying self under shower
08.00-09.00 : making morning coffee for mom&dad (well yeah, sweet girl), having breakfast
09.00-17.00 : in front of computer, still confused define it as work or lost in internet space. Always having horrible drowsiness climax at 10-11 that I have to take coffee in order to stay alive. Having lunch around 12-14.
17.00-19.00 : breaking before head explode with too much information/task/nothing at all
19.00-00.00 : I don’t know what exactly I’m doing at this time. When in deadline, I work overtime. When free, I back to internet life, or watching TV, doodling, playing Ciko, chatting, writing some shits like this, sometimes dying in bed. I’m a pure nocturnal, I always full recharged in midnight but my lack of ambition making me hopeless knowing what to do 😦

And so it goes. On and on.
Ok, let’s sing together. (Melodies of Life – Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack)


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