Capture0_13_5Maybe I have too many interest, I explore many things through tumblr, pinterest, daily news, blog, etc. I read everything intrigue me : people’s biography, food review, the making of some piece of art, country’s conflict, blood type’s personality, comic, quote, history, rare disease, genetic mutations, time travelling, crop circle, and recently I got interested with certain symbol. Because of so many information (most of them is not important, I know) in my head, I have tendency to forget things easily. I don’t have an excellent brain.

Let’s talk about girl thing now. What is girl thing? Fashion? Drama? Boys? I’m not saying these are shallow, but I don’t have interest as much as listed above. Well, so that’s right I’m not a real girl 😛

However, the one who said this, she tends to have microphobia. She has interest in microbiology such as fungi, bacteria, virus, genetic mutations that cause strange disease but in the same way she has (imaginary/too-much-thinking-that-makes) fear about them. I don’t know what is the name of this antilogy.

So yes we’re not a real girl. Seriously, what’s the definition of real girl?

What I read : Enigma’s Blog | I’ll name it Schrödinger’s tunnel | crop circle & the pattern | Jazz Age Glamour by Tiffany & Co. (oh yeah I really look up these collection because can’t wait to see Fitzgerald’s masterpiece being filmed The Great Gatsby) | 7 Alasan Mencintai Street Food Indonesia


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